Confined Grandaddy.


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Confined Grandaddy.

Postby Lava Kisser on Thu Apr 02, 2020 9:20 am

Hell-O from France y'all.

Back here at last! I must write that currently listening to Grandaddy makes my days better in these times of confinement and psychosis. I have been sharing for YEARS the name of Grandaddy to every Human i meet. Trying to make one of the most underrated musical acts ever more rated.

With a friend, we covered G last year, here is the link :

We played 15 songs (7 are in the video) in front of connoisseurs of G or not. A very soothing night drilled in me forEver.

Stuck into The Broken Down Comforter Collection for days, in tears. I'm listening to Grandaddy more than i eat or drink. Survival.

Years ago, with a former friend of mine, we decided to collect everything from G + Jason Lytle Solo + Collaborations + Featurings + Side Projects we could find, from the earliest to the most recent releases. It took six months. I am actually digging into my 50+++ CD's (original and/or MP3's) and living of off Grandaddy, Jason Lytle Solo and all the rest.

When i interviewed Jason, i showed him the list of his songs i had in my possession, he said he was impressed but he got me frustrated when he told me that plenty of music has still never been released!!!

Grandaddy forever in my Heart.

Lava Kiss.
Lava Kiss.
Lava Kisser
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