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Re: Jeds other Poem

Postby Llamameeljueves on Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:50 am

__redruM wrote:This shows him way up the neck at about 3:05, but it's past the 7th fret:

I'd *guess* without cappo (X-12-12-10-10-X) to (X-10-10-9-8-X) but I'm about 60% sure.

Thank you. Those are pretty much the same chords I was thinking...I think you are in the d'money

brassman2000 wrote:Allors!

I've been playing it

Unk 1 as: x04430

Unk 2 as: x02210

So play it like you were going to play Am but move up two frets, don't barre the chord though, then slide your fingers back down to the normal Am. (see my cover, although it's not very prominent in the mix, if that sounds like what you want it to sound like, that's what you play lol)

That's an interesting arrangement as well, and it does sound good. I have a composition where I do something like that alternating Am and X04430....
Thanks for the help 8-)
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Re: Jeds other Poem

Postby dave on Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:40 am

wow. didn't know there were so many ways to play this one.

anyhoo, i watched a youtube vid of jason playing this one and it was pretty apparent which chords he was playing:

capo 3 [very important! get a capo]
first part [verses, up to 'try to sing it funny like beck, but it's bringin me down']
e minor | c | g | d
Note: he does some fancy neil young trickery on the d string and high e (2 to 3, 3 to 0), but if you understand basic guitar theory it should make perfect sense. not gonna tab it here since you can hear it.

the second part ['beautiful ground']
a minor | e minor | c | g (split it with a 'd' for half a measure too to be a badass!)

the outro ['test tones and failed clones and odd parts made you']
a minor | e minor | c | c minor

i've been playing this quite a lot in my apartment and it sounds spot-on. i would recommend you try it out. the only difference between my chords and jason's youtube versions are that he'll mix in some other connector chords or bass runs to give it more of a genuine acoustic flair. i don't claim to be a songsmith by any means but you should be able to piece it together by watching the vids online.
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