Rollin Home Alone Chords/Help?

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Rollin Home Alone Chords/Help?

Postby Chartsengrafs on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:29 pm

Hey everyone.

Stuck trying to figure this out, I'm not even sure I got the right tuning but anyway I'm hoping I can show what little I have and maybe the rest of you can help me out. Would be awesome help.
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Tuning - Down half a Step

Intro - B

Rollin' home alone
Here we go again
B G#m [466444]
As if it's not alright.
G#m [466444]

and now im stuck :D

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Sounds like a lot of wierd chords!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also sorry if this song has already been covered!

Many Thanks!
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Re: Rollin Home Alone Chords/Help?

Postby brassman2000 on Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:13 pm

Hey Chartsengrafs! Yet again Jason poses us a problem! The key the guitar in is a massive problem which would be solved if there was some live footage around but I can't find any (apart from a very dark video on youtube). From youtube (I can't find any live audio versions either!) we know that he played the song in Bb as on the record which (stay with me here...) suggests that the guitar is unlikely to have an alternate tuning and is probably more likely to be capo'd at the first fret leaving the wonderful mystery of those low Eb's maybe the low E is tuned down... Either way, there's definitely more work to be done here!

Anyway, here's what I think the chords are in real pitch i.e. if you tune the guitar down a semitone then Bb is B or if you capo 1 it's A etc.

Code: Select all
Intro - Bb

Verse 1

Rollin' home alone
Here we go again
                Bb      ***Gm              *** see note below
As if it's not alright
C/E(in the bass)   Ebmaj7
    As if I need a friend

But I bought you something nice
Eb                       Bb    Bb/A   Gm
     I got you something warm
For when the weather turns
Eb                     Gm    F    C/E (bass plays down the scale from E to C)
     When will I ever learn?
                     Eb       F
Now I'm rollin' home alone

Solo - synth plays a D over the 1st part of verse, then instrumental version of 2nd part of verse

Verse 2 - same chords as verse 1

Rollin' home alone
So here we go again
As if I even care
I might as well pretend

Cus I bought you something nice
Yeah, I got you something warm
And then the weather turned
When will I ever learn?

I'm rollin' home alone

Outro - synth strings

Gm F Eb
Gm F Eb
Fsus Bb

Kinda made the outro up a bit there sorry, synth strings dont really translate to guitar ;) As always corrections welcome!

*** Also, thinking about it a bit more, I'd be prepared to say that Jason does this the hard way and plays it in normal tuning and without a capo, the riff only seems to go down to Eb in the bass part. So if Bb is 113331 and Ebmaj7 is x11333 then the guitar-y bit in the verse goes:

Code: Select all
As if it's not alright....              As if I need a friend

               Bb               Gm       C/E         Ebmaj7
      E: ------ 1.... --------------3---------0------3-------
      B: ------ 3.... --------------3---------1------3-------
      G: ------ 3.... --------------3---------0------3-------
      D: ------ 3.... --------------5---------2------1-------
      A: ------ 1.... --------------5---------3------1-------
      E: ------ 1.... -- 1---2-3---------0-----------x-------

The awkward nature of it being in Bb probably explains it not getting so many live outings...

Hope that's helped a bit, let me know what you think :D
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