What can't be erased

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What can't be erased

Postby brassman2000 on Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:47 pm

Since Jason dug this one out for the masses on his tour I've dug it out for the masses on the forum:

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G                         D
If you could have seen my face
Reflected off
A lone dinner plate
G              B7
Trying to erase
              C      D
What can't be erased?

If you would have rung my phone
I would have said
I hate being alone
Trying to erase
What can't be erased?


G D Em B7
C    D    G

I you would drive by now
We could sit
And laugh about how
I tried to erase
What can't be erased?
What can't be erased?

Corrections welcome! - Enjoy :)

Edit: I forgot there is a solo!
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