I also have a hobby, love to read books.

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I also have a hobby, love to read books.

Postby ylq123 on Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:50 am

I also have a hobby, love to read books. I remember one morning, my mother told me to peel the beans, I promised. I read the book while peeling the beans, and my mother saw it and laughed. I am puzzled and said: "Mom, what are you laughing at?" Mom replied: "You have a look!" I quickly looked down and I couldn't help but laugh. I turned the bean shell and The beans are mixed together. Of course, this is one of my shortcomings. In the future, no matter what you do, you must be serious30=3750. The simple method is 125��3=375. I first calculated the result, and directly regarded "375" as the number, and reduced the product by 10 times. Sometimes, I will count the addition as multiplication and the multiplication as addition!ished my homework and didn't check it at all, which caused a lot of mistakes. If I check it out, sometimes I will copy it as usual. Of course, it is to save your brain. I decided to check the work carefully in the future to ensure that there are no errors Newport Cigarettes Price.ve watching TV, so most of my energy is spent watching TV. Sometimes, I have to watch TV while eating, and I also watch TV. At first, I thought it was a two-pronged approach Marlboro Red, and the two were all beautiful, but the next consideration was still not a good thing. Dad also ordered a rule for me: If the fifth grade is not enough for the last semester, you are not allowed to watch TV. I think: I will watch TV less in the future and use my energy to study.ave many advantages and many shortcomings. I will correct these shortcomings in the future, take the longest, and make up for myself. I want to change myself and be a new one.In the morning, our family came to the train station with a taxi. Take the train to Xiamen. After we settled down, we saw a pair of white-haired old people coming up. d people sat opposite us, because we shared a small table, so the space was very small, the old people did not grab us, and put their own things into the pre-prepared shopping bags Online Cigarettes. The easy-to-reach grandmother quickly chatted with her mom and dad. The old man said that their son is in Xiamen. This time he went to see him. By the way, he went to Gulangyu Island in Xiamen for a trip. From her bright smile, I saw a happy, harmonious family. The old man said that they are going to travel around the world and the next destination is Chengdu. I talked about half of the old people asking me my name and age. I also answered her with pleasure. The old grandfather said: "His wife, give Xiaolei a bit of longan to eat. I am embarrassed to ask, but their enthusiasm makes me feel embarrassed not to. I even thanked them. I thought: If the world and life are more like this People, the world will always be full of warmth. Somehow, when I see this old man, there is a kind feeling. This kind of kindness is familiar and familiar. This kind of kindness is like a loved one. Dad takes out a bag of beef jerky to give Old people eat, I said that my father's beef jerky is too hard, I should take persimmons. Just like this, the terminal is here, we say goodbye to the old man, I am very sad, because this kind of old man's kindness is deeply engraved into my mind Marlboro Gold Pack, I Heart!rain only met for three hours, their every move made it difficult for me to go back! The scene on the train is always "showing" in my heart Wholesale Cigarettes.
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