n the summer, when you walk

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n the summer, when you walk

Postby ylq123 on Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:00 am

n the summer, when you walk into Honghu Park, it is like being in the nature, just like autumn. There are green grass, lush trees and birds and flowers. Look! The trees are so leafy, it seems like a big umbrella supports us a green, cool world, so comfortable! The peach trees are covered with green oil Marlboro Lights. From a distance, the trunk of the peach tree is curved, like an old man with a hunchback. A few peach trees are surrounded Marlboro Cigarettes Price, just like a few hunchback old people chatting together. Listening carefully, the flowers exude the seductive scent. Look! Flowers are showing their beautiful clothes! The rose is wearing a bright red dress, the tulip is wearing a yellow tight skirt, and the small yellow flower under the tree is also wearing a yellow skirt. The bee butterfly fluttered and the bird groaned as if to say, "It��s so beautiful! Sohe most indispensable lotus in summer is coming out! In the lotus pond, the lotus leaf is crowded, like a large green disk. The lotuses also put on the cool summer clothes, they all said: "It's cool!" The lotus flowers are colorful: some are waiting to be put, some are still a flower, some drums are like blasting, some It has been very bright... all kinds of lotus flowers are in the pool Cigarettes Cheaper. The breeze hit, the lotus danced, and the girls danced like a girl, my heart danceonghu Park is really a pleasant park with lush trees Carton Of Cigarettes, fragrant flowers, green grass and colorful lotus flowers."Stealing Reading" after reading the article "Stealing Reading", said that the author Lin Haiyin could not afford to buy books because of family poverty, so he tried his best to go to the bookstore to steal Marlboro Cigarettes. Whenever the fluorescent lamp of the bookstore suddenly lit up, Lin Haiyin reluctantly left. Sometimes, for a book, I will run several bookstores. I admire her desire for knowledge and the love of the he words spoken by the Chinese teacher in the article impressed me the most. Think about the meaning of this sentence: food is nurtured by our bodies, and books feed on our souls. If there is no book, how boring the world will brky said: Books are the ladder of human progress. Du Fu said: reading a million volumes, the pen is like a god. Books can improve our knowledge and improve our writing skills. So the book is very important, so let us love the book and be a good companpeaking of stealing, I also have experience, because I often go to the bookstore to read. However, we are much more fortunate than Lin Haiyin when I was a child. Good books are seen every day. I don��t have to sneak a lot. Many people are reading books in a bright and straight place. When they look at it, they endlessly watch. The bookstore also supports people to read books and chairs. .
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