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Re: Jason Lytle signature Box Wine

Postby klinsmann18 on Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:23 pm

The album delay is a bit of a grrrrrrryayyyyyyyyy moment, cant wait and really want it. Just spent £200 (thats about $400 in American beans) festivalling it up in England, but spent half the weekend listening to Grandaddy on the 'MPT' player as my deaf grandad calls it.
Ta for updates by the way.
Welcome back to solid ground my friend.
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Re: Jason Lytle signature Box Wine

Postby kimchi on Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:39 pm

super dooper fuckin funny?.........you sound like your having fun!

our skate park {granite}has been pretty lame lately. lots of fights, weed smoking ,40's everywhere. teenaged boys tring to pick up on me and calling me a milf ! no place for a 5 year old and his mom. i know it's not hardcore compared to most, it just sucks cause i know the city's going to shut it down. he's at camp with judd hertzler + matt rodriguez all week at b street.

hey jason, have you ever heard of the h4 zoom handy recorder? we have a blucky 4 track in the living room with so many cords, drum machine's, amps + guitars next to a kids glass of juice makes me nervous......anyways this is great cause you can take it outside and record with birds in the background! i know it's not the same though.

my favorite gear in the house is the casio vl-tone. it's cute + calculates = fun fun!

i'm glad your good.......
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Re: Jason Lytle signature Box Wine

Postby Eean on Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:31 am

That's fuckin boss news. Glad to see your postin up again Jason.
Would have been cool if i'd seen this when it was posted but I've swam thru miles of spam to get here. At least i'm not hungry. Mmmmmmmm spam!!
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