Introduce Yourself (Right On!)


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Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby Eean on Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:10 pm

Seeing that this is new talkscape and peeps be unknown and shit. Like klinsmann18 suggested...Feel free to introduce yourself if you like.

Firstly if you get the reference in the thread title you are automatically my friend.
Secondly, I'm a UK Grandaddy Fan.
Thirdly, i have a 'diffffffferent' sense of humour.
Fourthly, I only seen GDID live one time in Sheffield. Some feller kicked my wife.
Fifthly, I have been on the old talkscape for many a time.
Sixthly, I have met a whole bunch of talkscapers and managed not to have killed any of them!
Seventhly, this is what I look like...
Actually it looks more like Taco's......
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby ForenameSurname on Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:36 pm

Hi my name is (Forename) (Surname) and I've been an alcoholic for over five years…

…oh sorry, wrong group.
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby Jed on Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:43 pm

Hey misters biggs, bestall and warner

Things about me:

- my name is not really Jed.
- I have very big hair and am told on a regular basis that i look like that twat Mika and the guy from Razorlight
- my UK passport says I'm in my mid-twenties
- But I'm actually six
- I'm a journalist and review cool shit
- when I twiddle with my belly button, it makes my penis tingle ever so slightly
- I've got one abnormally long hair on the back of my left knee
- I signed up to the Talkscape bandwagon in the first days of Talkscape mk 2 (Spring 2003 i guess) and posted a monophonic AM 180 ringtone that I'd made on my Nokia 32shitty phone.
- I've met Eean. He gurns a lot.
- I love Grandaddy but am not too fond of Fambly Cat
- I like the minimalistic ones - like Protected from the Rain 'n shit like that.
My favourite Grandaddy thing is Through a Frosty Plate Glass. I like it. I think it's good.
- I once vomitted in a woman's handbag in a club without her realising and then ran away
- The Electric Six song 'Synthesizer' makes my body dance even if i don't want it do
- I also only saw Grandaddy once. Summer 2003 in Bristol, England. Lytle was strumming his guitar and his plectrum flew out of his hand, hit my girlfriend on the nose and then landed on her shoe. I spoke to Jim at length after the gig and he kept calling me Dave even though that's not my name.
- I miss Elliot Smith
- I think Pink Floyd are the greatest band of all time
- I think The Wire is the greatest thing ever to have been on television ever
- I think Wives of Farmers is awesome
- I'm currently wearing a green Mr Buz Grandaddy -shirt
- I saw Meat Loaf play the other day. Pavarotti can sing better than him using flatulance alone.
- I procrastinate by making text funny colours
- You can't ignore my techno
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby ForenameSurname on Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:57 pm

1. I miss Elliott Smith too.
1a. but in a different way to Jed, because we're all different (but not in the eyes of the Lord)
1b. I don't believe in God so ignore the previous reference

2. When I bought my first flat near Brighton I came out of the local Argos (had no money left and had to furnish said flat) and literally bumped into Paul McCartney (when he was with Heather). That made my day more than moving into my new home.

3. My Nan's cousin was a world famous magician (Gardini) who influenced Paul Daniels

4. I've still got my Star Wars toys from when I were a lad. I've always said that I'll never sell them and I won't, even if I develop a crushing crack habit

5. I love Toronto and would like to live there one day.

6. My dad's family are Canadian so there won't be much of a VISA issue. My mother's side hail from Wales but I don't tend to make such a big deal about that (sorry to any taffs out there)

7. Sebadoh III is my favourite album of all time, and will remain so

8. I prefer animals to humans (not in THAT sense, you sick bastards)

9. I'm obsessed with 'MGM Grand' and think it's one of the greatest songs ever

10. I don't really care for about 30% of my Facebook 'friends'
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby ForenameSurname on Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:59 pm

11. oh, and I always seem to panic towards the end of a joke and totally fuck up the punchline.
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby brassman2000 on Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:40 pm

There are very few things you need to know about me:

von! hahahahahaa - I am not made of brass, but some of the things I love are
two! hahahahahaa - I am not eight years old
three! hahahahaa - I am in awe of you guys
four! hahahahaha - I need music to survive, it replenishes my circuits.
five! ok I'll stop that - give me attention; I crave it.
six! - I wish I knew more. Share your knowledge! I'll keep posting 'till you do!
I has a PhD.
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby ebo on Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:19 pm

Hi Peeps!

-Joe Jonas.
-'Lil Wayne.
-50%-off Anthropologie sales.
-iCarly. She's hot!
-Jonas Bros. blogs.
-Tons of free Jonas Bros. music/videos for the taking:

The Grandaddy of heavy metal.
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby Johnny on Sat Jul 19, 2008 5:43 pm

1-10 random boring shit counted in welsh:

Un: My name is John
Dai: I develop cool and trendy websites for Wales' top multi media company
Tri: Love Grandaddy - been a talkscaper since early (ish) 2005
Pedwar: I have met a few Talkscapers - Eean, Jed , Ade and Mikkel
Pump: I did not kill any of them either!
Chwech: I miss Wham! bars
Saith: I have the most revolting fart gas in the universe (ask jed and eean)
Wyth: I once caught Jed wanking in his hotel room over the gideon bible
Naw: I witnessed Eean's bizzarre sleepwalking/talking combo where he wandered up to the hotel window almost naked (except for his oakland hoodie) shouting "come on then ya fooking owls! I'll have the lot of yer! I'll headbutt yer tits off!
Deg: I have a growth on my arse that talks to me, sometimes I talk through it.
Bb or B Good!
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby klinsmann18 on Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:09 pm

I'm Matt, I'm quite normal with smatterings of slightly unnormal thrown in for bad measure. I'm from the UK, I'm still a little confused but will try to contribute anyway, and my mobile phone just vibrated, and seeing as I left it on my dinner plate, it made a really loud rattle, which was amusing.
Welcome back to solid ground my friend.
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby kimchi on Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:24 am

+ veggie burritos| new castle ale| my piano lessons| classical music| the carter family| my dad singing johnny cash songs| camping + fishing + bird watching| thrift stores| 66 chevy novas| my bike| peonies| cloud busting| pretty dresses| the umbrella’s of cherbourg| documentaries

- these smiley face icons :)| adults wearing winnie the pooh t shirts| bears| planes

i own a flower shop….. i’d rather be a greasy mechanic { with a dress under my work clothes}| i was the only “white girl” in the barrio had to learn how to throw down | i’m choctaw , chickasaw, french | don’t know why i’m on talkscape | i leave lame ass post’s about me wanting to share a sleeping bag with j………j/k sorry to all the O.G of t/s

ebo……pick me up a dress in a size 5 when you hit up the sales at anthropologie!

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