Introduce Yourself (Right On!)


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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby unicodemalfunction on Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:16 am

-My name is John.
-I live in Jacksonville, Florida
-Grandaddy is one of my favorite bands.
-Sumday is the greatest album in the world to accompany a morning jog.
-The first song I ever heard by Grandaddy is The Crystal Lake. It was on a 2000 CMJ magazine sampler and I couldn't believe my ears. It was the sound I had been looking for my whole life.
-I wrote a song called "Earl the Robot" as an homage to Grandaddy, shortly after I received news of their break-up.
-My favorite album is Sumday with The Sophtware Slump trailing closely behind.
-My favorite Grandaddy songs are Handcrank Transmitter, The Crystal Lake, AM 180, Thee Everything, O.K. With My Decay, Build a Box, This Is How It Always Starts.
-I find it impossible to pick a favorite Grandaddy song.
-I have Grandaddy to thank for getting me into Midlake and Earlimart.
-Everything that Jason Lytle touches is gold.
-Everything beautiful is far away.
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby Ricardo Ananas on Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:20 pm

Johnny wrote:1-10 random boring shit counted in welsh

Right, so I will count in brezhoneg :

Unan: My name isn't Ricardo. But my life is in danger, so call me Ricardo.
Daou: I'm french, that's why you must think "fuck, he's never been to school ?!!". But you're wrong, I study (Switzerland) history (for six ears now (I'm 23).
Tri: I discovered Grandaddy in the end of 2003, I think. So I wasn't at La Route du Rock in Saint-Malo, a few months before. Two hours of my home ... this sucks.
Pevar: I love Elliott Smith, ALL of his songs are gorgeous. A genius. I love Girls In Hawaii, M.Ward, Built Like Alaska (especially Autumnland), Midlake, Radar Bros, Nirvana, QOSTA, silverchair, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Coldplay (Parachutes), Jeff Buckley, Johnny Cash, The Meat Puppets, Mercury Rev, The Midnight Juggernauts, Foo Fighters, Pedro The Lion, R.E.M, Radiohead, Weezer ...
Pemp: I cannot play guitar, I'm just too bad.
C'hwec'h : I love belgium beer, especially Leffe Radieuse. And man who created Coca-Cola Vanilla is God.
Seizh: I have a picture with a sheep which is running in a switz field in my appartment.
Eizh: I love Baron Davis and his beard.
Nav: I looooooooooooooooooooove ducks !!
Dek: Jason, come in Brest !! This is beautiful, it looks like Stalingrad or one of these sovietics cities. You'll adore it.
Ricardo Ananas
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby Lava Kisser on Sat Mar 02, 2019 7:40 pm

Faith No More in my 5 favorite bands EVER!!!
Lava Kiss.
Lava Kisser
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby talkos on Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:27 pm

Lava Kisser wrote:Faith No More in my 5 favorite bands EVER!!!

I love Chuck Mosley.
I also love all the stuff with Jim Martin on guitar.
After that, the became a wet noodle.
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby Lava Kisser on Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:16 pm

No no no!
After Chuck and Jim left, they became the best incarnation of Faith No More.
King for a day fool for a lifetime is FNM's masterpiece!
Album of the year smells like the end of the band and they had the intelligence to break up just after that.
The reuniting was a shame, though.
Lava Kiss.
Lava Kisser
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Re: Introduce Yourself (Right On!)

Postby PaulMcP80 on Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:12 pm

-My name's Paul
-I come from Scotland but live in Russia now
-I enjoy strategy games, playing the guitar and reading about history
-I work as a translator in the energy industry
-I don't play the guitar well enough to have anything worth it
-listen to tons of various stuff, from Grandaddy to Yugoslav partisan songs going through anime music
-I have a camouflage collection, with patterns from all countries
-My favourite book is The Big Show by Pierre Clostermann
-I don't really have a favourite movie, I don't like to sit idle for over a hour and a half
-Summer Here Kids is my favourite track
-And I started posting before discovering this thread :oops:
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