Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.


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Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby daidj on Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:49 pm


Status of the project in March/April 2012 : ACTIVE !

Note : Les lecteurs francophones peuvent suivre ce lien : ... 53644.html

On this page : 3 posts : 1. The situation 2. The contents 3. The procedure.

The situation.

Hi dear Lytle fans !
Here's a little sumthing, an upload/download project that will try to raise some more money for Anna, Jason's sister who suffers from a brain tumor, to try to cover various expenses related to the disease.

Here's a video where Jason says some words about Anna's situation that affects him a lot.:

Know already that you don't need to create an account in this website to contribute to the cause.

Garth, Jason's brother, wrote some words to explain Anna's condition in 2009, when we began the project. Know that if you feel like writing in here some encouraging words to Anna, Jason & their family, I'm sure they will be much appreciated in this hopeful but still painful situation.

Garth's words in 2009 :
Here’s the skinny for clarification to anyone who cares:

On February 20th of 2009 I noticed on my monthly visit with Anna & the Kidz that Anna had some paralysis on the right side of her face … I asked several questions and got no satisfying answers regarding pain or delirium and was very concerned that she’d had a stroke.

When we got to the hospital - they performed a CT scan and discovered a gray area … after an MRI, they deduced it was a tumor about the size of a walnut on her left upper frontal lobe … they scheduled the operation for the first day of Spring, March 20th.

Her surgeon (Dr. Manish Aghi @ UCSF) gave us the “great news” after the procedure; “We got most of it and she’s doing fine.” what he said after that, I will not repeat because of the Kidz. Suffice it to say, if you google - glioblastoma #4 and read about it, you will understand.

We thank each and every one of you for your kindnesses and donations to help defray the costs associated with this terrible situation.

We especially thank our lil brudduh, Jason, for his generosity, kindness and heartfelt help in dealing with the b.s. involved.

Thank you SO MUCH! The pebbles you toss into the pond send ripples of love worldwide!!!


Here is the very last update about Anna, written by her father in April 2012

Hello my Jason Lytle, Grandaddy friends. I come to you with great sorrow and sad news. My beautiful daughter, Jason Lytle's beautiful sister Anna Lytle, has passed away. She has gone to a place of everlasting peace and happiness. Heaven.

Anna Lytle and her children Amani and Jasmin, her mother Irma, her sisters Christine and Amanda, her brothers Jason and Garth, her dad Jerome and her stepmother Stacy would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for being here when we needed you. You have made the last three years of Anna's life bearable.

You gave us hope, you gave us encouragement, you gave us courage to fight that nasty brain tumor. For 2 1/2 years after her first surgery we thought we had it beat. Then six months ago it came back with a vengeance. Anna decided to go for another Clinical Trial and surgery to benefit cancer research. She donated part of the tumor to make a new chemotherapy drug. Sorry to say she wasn't strong enough to take it. And here we are.

My wife Stacy and I are now proud guardians of two wonderful teenagers. Anna by herself, raised two great kids. Amani 16 and Jasmin 15.

Anna's memory will live on. Over 400 wonderful people have donated to these projects and I know many more wonderful people gave prayers or well wishes. Her spirit is happy, you have done well.

The "talkscape" Anna Lytle for a good cause project will continue until our commitment is met. Didier still has to upload update #10 for Project # 1. Also more uploads for "Floating Debris" and the Merced 2009 DVD and CDs have to be shipped.

We will continue to supply project #1 or "Floating Debris" to anyone who still wants to have these special offers, as long as they are available. Any moneys beyond the current needs of Anna's affairs or children's needs will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

We want to thank some special people who have worked very hard on these projects from the start.

Didier Braibant, Who organized and worked endlessly to keep these projects going for three years.

Jason Lytle, Without him you fans wouldn't be here. The greatest Son and greatest fans in the world.

Garth Balazs, (Anna's half brother), Who took care of Anna and the kids when the illness first occurred. Worked with Didier to start the project.

Scott Arnold, Who has supplied lots of artwork for the projects. He is making the artwork for the "Floating Debris" Manhattan CD.

Ryan Knauff, (cut_here), Who pays for the server for our project downloads. Supplied the music which I synced to the 2009 Merced DVD.

There are probably more who I've missed. You know who you are. Thank you also.

Thank you all. God bless you all. Jerome Lytle and Family.
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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby daidj on Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:50 pm


The Download Project contents
Ok, so here's the idea : to share non-label related material with the donaters (who don't need to have a talkscape account to be a part of the project).
The music we share includes studio material from 1992 to 2009, a lot of solo live performances from 2009, stuff that Jason shared with us throughout the years, but that is not available anymore.

And... exclusive material shared by Jason himself, his friends and family. You'll also receive cd art covers (front+back+spin) for most of the releases, prepared by Scott Arnold.


a) Prepare to bawl [1992] (very first Grandaddy demo). Mp3, 192K.


b) Complex party come along theories [1994] (first Grandaddy album). Cd quality (WAV + mp3).

1. Away Birdies with Special Sounds
2. Taster
3. Nebraska
4. Could This Be Love
5. Flairless
6. Kim You Bore Me To Death
7. Egg Hit And Jack Too
8. Call Girl Call
9. Black Bats
10. Michael Barry
11. Untitled
12. Worship P
13. You Drove your Car into a Moving Train


c) Don't sock the tryer [1995/96] (Grandaddy's never released second album, sadly abandoned to create Under the western freeway). Cd quality version, since Jason shared the master tape for the project (Wav + mp3)

And "Don't sock the tryer" has a cover art for the first time, created by Jason Lytle for this project.


1. Why Glider Pilot
2. Lava Kiss
3. I'm not alright
4. Broken
5. Levitz (Safe asleep)
6. Pissant (Throw me away)
7. Poisoned at Hartsy food
8. Laughing stock (*alternate version)
9. Why took your advice (*extended version)
10. (formerly the) rattlesnake song
11. Go progress chrome (*GPC version)
12. 12 Pak $ 5.99
13. Lawn & so on


d) The sumday demos (mp3) (+ covers & left over songs)


e) The Todd Zilla demos (mp3) (+ 1 unused song "Running Cables at Chivas")


f) The fambly cat demos (mp3) (+ left over songs)


Two christmas recordings Jason sent to his friends, some years ago

- "Christmas presence" recording (mp3)
Unknown songs...

- "Happy happy X-mas from Jason". (flac + mp3)


Jason's father found this ultra-exclusive tape Jason sent to friends for christmas 96 (between Don't sock the tryer and Under the western freeway).

1. Warm in the gravy boat : long instrumental track with the final lyrics from "Everything beautiful is far away"
2. I'm gonna miss you : new song, piano&voice based, beautiful.
3. Theme from a movie and many lives : grandaddyesque "cover" of "Do you know where you're going to" by Sylvie Vartan. Or Mariah Carey. But without the "butterfly" singing sh*t .. synths & funny drums instead.
4. Everything beautiful is far away : alternate version, with more weird sounds on it
5. Protected from the rain : Pre-version of the song that will be released in 99
6. I'm in love with no one : same version as the one that was released on an old vinyl
7. Happy happy X-mas night : long synths instrumental, again : beautiful !


Live recordings :

- Static hum (fan-made live best of , 2 cd's full of rarities including Nebraska, build a box, Taster, Velouria...). Mp3 320K

- a divx file of a live performance in Merced (May 09). You can see parts of it here :

- The oldest Grandaddy live performances we could get :
- Recorded live amongst friends and fidget (1994, with songs from Complex party)

- Live at the factory [1997] (6 tracks early live recordings, with commentaries added by Jason years later) (flac & mp3).

- The SXSW 97 live practice (flac+mp3)
I'm not alright / Summer here kids / Taster / I'm in love with no one / Everything beautiful is far away / Street bunny / Lawn & so on / Levitz.

- J.Lytle - live recordings from the May 09 tour recorded by Cut_here, Empty & MikeA.
° Three headliner shows from May 09 : Seattle, Portland & Minneapolis. Sound quality is awesome and will remain uncompressed on these. Also, there is a new Lytle song !
° An acoustic set : the "Detroit layover show Jason did back in March of this year at Scrummage. The sound quality is very good".
° A good recording of the Seattle show from the Paramount.
° October update : We've just added two recordings from the October 09 tour : Seattle & Portland (the latter includes a cover of the beach boys song "In my room"). Flac + mp3
* December update : We added 5 new live recordings from the December 09 little tour, some of them are soundboard (best audio quality).
° 3 airport shows
° the modesto show (2h20 !)
° the San francisco show (with a new song : "Young saints")
See details & tracklists here :


- Good quality scans of 20 postcards I bought from the last tour, written or drawn by Jason with random thoughts/drawings. Subjects of those are Radiohead, skate, making an album and being judged by people, outlaws & slaves, etc.
Eean also did hi-resolution photographs of 68 postcards, that come with the 20 scans.
Here's a picture (scans will be nicer)


- A video of "Still loving you", by the Scorpions, covered by Jason & his boys in Germany, as a rehearsal


- 4 compilations with old old songs :
Hella old stuff (as named)
96 demo tape
The practice tape (given by Jason with old material compiled)
4 track trash (compilation of very old recordings Jason offered to talkscape at christmas 07). Mp3 192K.


- Jason alone on the piano on the 31.12.06 (Wav files)
(Beautiful ground medley, Dreaming my dreams with you, everything beautiful is far away, goodbye yellow brick road, Hewlett's daughter, Jeez Louise, Protected from the rain, Rode my bike to my stepsister's wedding, Today I started loving you again)


- At the Mall in Klamath Falls : unreleased grandaddy song from 2000. Wonderful as most of Grandaddy's b-sides.
- An uncompressed version of the "Plastic Jesus" song Jason made for a friend. It's the first time an audio version of the youtube video is released.


- A soundboard recording of an Earlimart show where Jason dropped by, played instruments and sung harmonies.

I really hope we'll find in this occasion a way to unite our forces, thoughts, money to give back a bit of what Jason's generous music gave us throughout the years, and that we will be able to ease a bit the weight of this difficult situation for Anna and her family's lives.
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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby daidj on Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:50 pm

How do we proceed ?

Concerning the "price" of the thing, w consider this big package full of wonderful music worth 30 $ (which is 23 euros, a bit more than the price of a new cd), especially for this cause. It's a minimum price to receive everything, needless to say that you can send more money to help the situation. Jason's family and Anna will do all they can to make sure every dollar will be well used.

The procedure :
1. Send your donations to Jason's father via paypal, at Jerome Lytle's email address :
Please send as a "personal gift" to defray charges.

If you don't have a paypal account, write to Jerome Lytle, at the same address to find another solution.

2. You will receive the download links in your email box from Jerome Lytle's address. The next update will be there for chrismas 2011.

Feel free to contact Jerome Lytle or me ( for any question regarding this project.

In advance, thanks a lot for Anna & her kids.

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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby daidj on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:03 pm

Results : As of now (May 2012), we have had around 400 donaters.
Thank you !
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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby jason on Sat Jun 20, 2009 4:31 pm

daidj what an incredible, and generous, and thoughtful, and generous thing you are doing.

You have my A- OK to proceed ....and please dont feel too burdened by it all.

Whatever we pull together will be great , and obviously better than nothing.

On a selfish level makes me feel alot better I dont get the opportunity to spend much time
with my sister or my family I feel good knowing I am taking part in helping out in this very
unfortunate and unexpected predicament.

If you have specific questions....
please email and he will pass them along to me.

ok then....muchos mother effin gracias......

and I would like to apologize now for the Scorpions Cover ..... but the dark dank German Rock club
got the best of us.

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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby daidj on Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:21 am

Dear Jason,
de nada but it's not much(o), I'm just using time & internet connection... Everything in this collective project is based on your music, & talkscapers contributions.
But I'm really glad it can make you feel better ! ;)

As for the Scorpions cover, you don't need to apologize, it was absolutely fantastic !
The same for this vinyl autograph I'll cherish for the rest of my life (I did ask for a Jesus airskating an owl, to make the "Jeez on lite owl" repeated joke, and got a boat :D). Thanks again for this fine lil' meeting !
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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby motovres on Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:24 am

holy crap sweetness.

i'm from the old Talkscape board so i have most of this, but not all!

it would be nice to get anything else hidden away from the SUMDAY era, though i realize we've already shared those demos as well as Jasons amazing Fambly Cassette.

either way i will def be jumping on this as soon as its flowin.

good luck to jason and his family.

also, i havent been around too much lately so... thanks for commuter tooo J, its fanfuckintastic.
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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby daidj on Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:10 am

Sure Motovres,
we can add the fambly demos & the complete sumday demos if anyone is interested... Most of the latter are available at
I know there are also sophtware demos that were shared before I came to talkscape, so if someone wants to share them...
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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby Scott on Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:38 pm

I don't think the long-rumoured Sophtware demos ever materialized... though I could be wrong... but my time here goes back quite a ways, and I never got 'em...

Also - good to see the Static Hum art again - I was really happy with how that turned out... and there is Sumday Demo art kicking around somewhere (in the same pen + ink on lined paper style as the Fambly art) - feel free to throw those on the fire, such as it were.

I've got some other cover art on the go, and a few that were done before that I can try to package up... and I'm working on "Merry Christmas" art and proper "Don't Sock" art from that fine cassette LOL!

And thanks again for organizing this - a very cool cause!
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Re: Download here J.Lytle unreleased material for a good cause.

Postby garth on Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:00 pm

Dear, dear, DEER! - - There! In the headlights!!! Look OUT!!!

Whew, we narrowly escaped the drive back from town and boy are my antlers tired!

When I auctioned the first t-shirt a couple months ago to try to make some $$ to help defray the costs associated with all the b.s. Anna's going through, never in a snickety-snillion years did I ever imagine the outpouring of kindness and love of our brother's friends & fans might be part of helping Anna heal and come to terms with this situation - thank you all for easing her mind - her heart strings have been plucked by you all and she's more than grateful and her most recent MRI showed definite HEALING!!!

What we have here is the capacity to communicate.

Thank YOU, daidj, Scott, Michel, Stefano, Ian H., Ian R, Ryan, Shane, Kourosh, Jason E. james, jason, dad, stacy, mom, granny & grandaddy, gramma, & grandpa and all the rest about to do something ...


Bless yer heart's minds, eyes, ears, noses & throats!!!

With all my undying gratitude - this 'bud's' for you!
(Unless you're not into that - in which case, this HUGZ for you!!!)

"There's a hole in reality that you can look through, if you wish." - Steinbeck
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