RIP JED the Humanoid


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RIP JED the Humanoid

Postby Tonyboy on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:32 pm

Fictional Story with some facts.

Jed the Humanoid – 1986-2000

1986 – Created by Watson Laboratories and originally called the WABOT-2 Unit. The Humanoid Unit was designed to travel on a spaceship and assist the crew anyway possible. There are 3 main design characteristics of the WABOT-2 Unit :
1. Had a built in coffee roaster compartment as coffee “kept the crew's spirits up.”
2. Courier/Transporter – equipped with 6 IMU units for balance to fetch things.
3. Programmed to link to synthesize keyboards to provide entertainment for the crew.

Watson Laboratories Manufacture Identification:
Humanoid (M) Des: JED
WABOT-2 Unit
Incept Date: 11 FEBRUARY, 1986
Func: Coffee Roaster/ Courier/ FX-1 Compatible

1986 – March 5, jettisoned from the Spaceship-RCOE in a Probe back to earth in order to be saved during an attack by the Megalos. The Probe landed 3 days later on Earth in the Blue Gum district of Modesto, Ca. The Humanoid WABOT-2 Unit wondered the area during the overnight hours with it's main goal to conceal it's existence. While foraging in the area found a Kurler Skateboard left in the bushes and with superior balance design used the skateboard to move about the concrete “ditches.”

1986 – June 6, was discovered by two skateboarders in the Blue Gum Ditch, Decided to continue to conceal his identity by stating his name was Jeddy 3 and never telling anyone he was a WABOT-2 Unit.

1988 – April 16, after 2 years of skating the Blue Gum Ditch he decided to enter the Hosoi Skateboard Competition being held in Modesto Ca. Surprisingly, Jeddy was in 3rd place with two runs left but had to withdraw due a serious fall when the rainy weather shorted out 2 of the IMU balancing units. The two units would never work the same again and Jeddy realized his dreams of becoming a competition level skater were now over. In reminiscing of his original design, he thought of Dr. Watson and his large amount of miscellaneous robot parts that he kept in the corner of his laboratory which he called “the kitchen.” He was reminded of the gift from Dr. Watson of being programmed to link up with music synthesizers then began to hum a song he called from long ago:

Dance, dancing in the rain
A million parsecs aren't too far
My love can reach across the stars
Dance, dancing in the rain
I'll follow you with all my heart
So much love for you, it's like a raging hurricane

1992-1999 Jeddy 3 was often seen wondering about the bars and dives in Modesto carrying his Yamaha FX-1 keyboard in order to perform and entertain and always looking to sit in with other bands. Jeddy gets great satisfaction from playing the keyboards, however, his regular presence at bars he becomes a heavy drinker. One night while playing in a place called Charlie's Spirits, while sitting by himself in the corner, sad and drunk, he writes on the wall:

And the parks down south
The ramps everywhere I couldn’t live without
Could this be love
It knows they say it did
And try to say they know
They never really know
If they never really did
And if you really did
Then it doesn’t matter anyhow
Doesn’t matter…
Could this be love

2000 – November 13, Jed was performing songs inside his regular place, a bar called Charlies Spirits. One person, a skater, who knew Jed for a long time said Jed appeared to be sad and depressed. Jed made an announcement that he had wrote a new song called N. Blender then played it shouting some words incoherently.

2000 - November 16, Jed is found in Enslen Park in Modesto, CA lifeless with no spark of life. The Modesto Police report says an interview an unidentified man who they described as incoherent, unclear and unintelligible, stating he heard Jed say the name “Antoinette” over and over 3 times before becoming lifeless. In the hand of Jed he was clenching a handwritten note:

Now the world begins to dim from sight, masked in shade
I hardly feel the loss of memories, as they fade
Still it hurts as tears cut down my cheek, like a blade
I wish I dared to call out to you, oh my love
Loving you, in platinum
Only you, so very close at hand, but so far away

In Dedication to Jed the Humanoid

Who can say a machine has no soul?
Aren't humans machines, too?
Mechanisms of flesh and blood

Across the endless light – years...
life, mind, and spirit
must flourish in a
variety of forms.

As long as there is life there will be love

Jed the Humanoid playing his Yamaha FX-1

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Re: RIP JED the Humanoid

Postby talkos on Tue Apr 25, 2017 4:06 pm

Current location: endodontist waiting room. Radio just played Edie Brickell's one hit
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Re: RIP JED the Humanoid

Postby Tonyboy on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:25 pm

Hope it all works out at the Dentist.

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