Portland Show Review (Spoiler alert!)


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Portland Show Review (Spoiler alert!)

Postby chet on Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:26 am

Just got home from the the Lytle show at Holocene in PDX and it was awesome. Hadn't seen any posts about the solo tour yet so thought I'd let everyone know how it was. I haven't seen Jason play since...gosh Sumday tour in Montreal, crazy?! I was pretty psyched.

Sea of Bees were pretty good, not entirely my thing but a really talented duo, great voices and great songwriting. Very entertaining and fun to watch.

Just Jason and Rusty played. Set was about an hour and 15 minutes, Jason said he was trying to keep it short and sweet.


Between songs Lytle would turn on some Chopin and just let it roll.

Most songs were all played somewhat slower than normal, it was nice to hear really minimal versions of the new tracks and very different versions of old tracks. Highlights for me were: Dept. of Disappearance on the piano. Derek Spears and What Can't Be Erased were just fundamental genius Lytle. Everyone super dug Hangtown.

It was very laid back, and they had a good energy, Jason talked about how he was "really having fun" at one point that he loves home so much that its hard to leave but that "this was nice"

Only merch was the Dept of Disappearance CD and Sea of Bees albums. No split 7"s yet :x ....Sea of Bees said they'd have some in SF

Makes me wish I'd moved back to Portland to go to every night of the residency at Crystal Ballroom

I urge someone to record one of these shows for prosperities sake, such varied versions of songs and I imagine that each show will be a bit different. It'd be cool to listen to a lot of these songs again...


Willow Wand
(Chopin piano interlude)
Extended instrumental intro….
Derek Spears ("That's kind of a b-side that fell through cracks...(laughs)...unlike all the other ones that stayed out of the cracks…." Someone yelled 'Aisle 37-D'. "Its waaay to early for requests, I got a new album to promote")
Young Saints
Yours Truly The Commuter
(Chopin piano interlude) Rusty and Lytle cheers their wine glasses in slo-mo "this is like an episode of Dallas, the first one…don't worry it will get like Benny Hill soon.... It's so hard to turn that off, it's so fucking beautiful" (in ref to Chopin)
Get Up and Go
Instrumental (Heavy Keyboards, whole song length)
(Chopin Piano Interlude)
Dept of Disappearance (piano version)
What Can't Be Erased
I'm On Standby
I Am Lost (Rusty Leaves for this song)
Hang Town
In My Room (Beach Boys Cover - 'chopsticks' version, different than KEXP, mostly played on keys and switched to guitar for middle part)

Crystal Lake (strings version - all on keyboard strings sound)
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